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Temperature Measurement

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Anton offers a wide range of temperature measuring equipment. All designed to be robust/easy to operate and good value for money. A wide range of probes is also available on request.

ATM Kit 2000 - FM 10 - AIRG - Pipe and Magna Therm

Ideal for monitoring benchmark commissioning check list, flow & return/cold water inlet and hot water outlet temperatures.
The AIRG infra-red non-contact thermometer is ideal for checking if a descale or powerflush is required.

We are also able to provide purpose-made kits to meet your requirements and supply a full range of type K temperature probes. Please contact us should you require further assistance.

Pipe Therm
Magna Therm
Differential digital thermometer (-200ªC to 1350ºC)
Digital thermometer (-50ªC to 200ªC)    
Infra-red laser thermometer (–50º to +800ºC IR)          
Type K probe connection(s)
Centigrade or Fahrenheit
Water resistant
Backlit display
Analogue display      
Protective boot with tilt stand
Protective holster        
Protective hard carry case
AS10/Clamp pipe probes (up to 28mm)
Flexible wire air probe
AA15/HDH Liquid immersion probe  
AS1/HDH Surface temperature probe  
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Prices or specification are subject to change without notice.
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