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Flow & Pressure

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Antons robust range of pressure instruments make light work of the varying IGE standards, supplied with rugged boot and built-in timer. Use for let by/tightness testing, draught and differential pressure measurement.

TightnessTtesting Kit
APM 130
APM 140
APM 150
0.1 resolution up to 199.9 mBar then over to 1.0 resolution  
0.01 resolution up to 19.99 mBar then over to 0.1 resolution
Measurement range: - 40 mBar to +130 mBar  
Measurement range: 0 mBar to +1999 mBar
7 units of measurement: kPA, PSI, inHG, HG, inH20, mmH20 & mBar (mH2O on APM150)  
Backlit: for poorly lit conditions
Differential pressure measurement
Smoothing facility for extra stability  
Data hold facility
Auto power off 12 mins (optional)
Records Min / Max readings  
Simple push button zero
Protective boot with tilt stand
Water resistant (IP67)
Standard hose connections  
High pressure hose connections      
Domestic tightness testing (IGE/Up/1b) with timer  
Medium pressure measurement      
Strength testing (IGE/Up/1&1a)      
AGM50 gas leak detector * Full specification follow link...      
Protective pouch * For protective pouches follow link... Optional Optional Optional
Price ex VAT £129.00 £139.00 £180.00 £249.00

Use Antons flow and pressure range to easily and quickly set operating flow rates to manufacturers specification. Also use to check you have adequate static and working pressure prior to installation.

Flowmate II
Flowmate II / ADST
2 to 23 litre / 1/2 to 5 gallon scale flow cup
Flow cup can be used left or right handed
0 - 10 bar / 140 psi scale pressure gauge
0 – 4 bar / 63mm dry test gauge with drag pointer
Use standard foot pump with dry test gauge  
Robust foamed protective carry case
ADST digital liquid temperature thermometer
ADST is water resistant, centigrade or fahrenheit
Price ex VAT

Anton U gauges are available in both 30 mBar and 60 mBar versions, ruggedly designed with protective clear cover to protect the gauge scale and maintain visibility. Zeroing could not be easier, just move the ergonomic slider on the rear of the gauge to get the desired position. U shape sealing cap holds water in and keeps the gauge ready for use, also supplied with handy hanging hook.

Anton’s Easy View Plastic U Gauge
Clear Protective cover
Easy to zero, slide adjuster on gauge
Supplied with hanging hook
Supplied with u sealing cap
Large easy to read scale
30 millibar version
60 millibar version  
Price ex VAT

APRV Anton pressure relief valve is designed to simplify let by & tightness testing by enabling the engineer to get the desired gas pressure on their U gauge / pressure meter without having to keep pulling off the hose and making repeated adjustments.

This time saving accessory simplifies the process, and is available from most good trade counters.

APRV Anton pressure relief valve
Simple thumb relief valve with o ring seal
1 metre good quality pressure hose
Push fit T piece, so hose length can easily be changed to suit
Price ex VAT
Prices or specification are subject to change without notice.
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